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Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)

Наша героиня Ноэми - единственный ребенок итальянского иммигранта в США, который также является предпринимателем и шеф-поваром. Она управляет собственным рестораном в небольшом пригороде Филадельфии со своим женихом Брэдом и официантками, которые для нее как сестры. Жизнь была хороша для нее ... слишком хороша. Все это рушится вокруг нее, когда ее отец отправляется в могилу, и его тайные долги выявляются. Как его единственный наследник, она наследует эти долги и берет на себя бремя 6-значного долга...

Год выхода: 2022
Жанр: Female protagonist, Adventure, Corruption, Age, Lesbian, Milfing, Voyeurism, NTR, Cuckoldry, Hotwifing
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издатель: beWilder
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: В разработке
Версия: v.0.18
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется
Размер: 2.39 GB

Almost all the new things to tastes come under the Deli roof this time, and as Noe’s feud with Sal steps up to “ridiculous but great fun” phase, we are left with an evil smiling and a hunger for more!

- Content
⦁ 3 Full Scenes (for 79 Total).
⦁ 63 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 1177 Total)
⦁ Added 15 new days to the playable game time for True Mode (now up until the start of Day 299 / Month 10 Day 30 - Saturday)
⦁ 18 Completely New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 218 Total)
- 12 New Outcomes for the Restaurant Manager section, 1 Lv1 set for each girl in Promo (Proactive/Attack Sal), and 1 Lv3 set for both Waitressing (second set) and Entertainment (debut set), again for all girls. That’s 3 each for Noe, Kriem, Frankie and Kelsey once again. See the Nerve UI on Sal’s side of the street for unlocking details on these and all job sets.
- 6 New Team Bonding Outcomes for the Downtime section, once again 1 each for Yoga (Kelsey’s Competitive) Park (Kriem’s Open Mind), Poker (Kriem’s Competitive), TV Binge (Frankie’s Open Mind), Visiting (Frankie’s Romance) and Car Washing (Kelsey’s Romance). These Outcomes bring all of these activities’ chains, and every currently available activity + mode to their 4th links.
⦁ ~23,500 New Words of Text and Dialogue
- Features
⦁ Continuation of the Sal arc, it’s third time as the major focus and the fourth arc to be majorly developed, now up to 11 scenes total and growing. These scenes are now split over 2 distinct and mutually exclusive paths, meaning two paths of 10 scenes each (9 in common). From here, these paths will further diverge with time.
⦁ The pick-up and continuation of Frankie’s arc as it becomes the secondary focus. This side character’s personal story arc now reaches a 3rd scene as we begin to build out world and people around Noemi, as well as the tactical gameplay more with new content incentives.
Reminder! To unlock Frankie arc scenes you must use her to earn her own tips via the Waitress task during the Restaurant Manager sections!
⦁ Expansion of the Restaurant Manager section with new gameplays, including the first set of unlockable Lv3’s for the Entertainment job. These outcomes are a new level of booster, with better tip bonuses and more stress reduction possible. Best of all, they are sexier to see, and the sexiest of the Entertain tasks attainable so far! Also included are the second (and so far final) Lv3 set of Waitress tasks as well, meaning higher tip days are even more likely (as much as 33% chance per day once unlocked!). Also added are new Lv1 Promo task outcomes for attacking Sal, unlocked on game start. The Nerve Unlock UI has been updated to reflect these updates.
⦁ A completely rebuilt game core to handle the storage, loading, and display of CG images (both Scene CG and Gameplay Outcomes) to pre-empt a now known bug within the Unity Engine that affects games of 4 GBs or more. This means CGs are more dynamically loaded as the game is running, which in turn may mean some longer load times in some cases. Please understand just how important and deep reaching this change is, and so we may experience growing pains with the next few versions. Better it’s done now than later when it’s forces on us however.
- Community Feedback
⦁ A further rebalanced game from top to bottom, using first hand play experience and players feedback both. We’ve made a number of small tweaks and changes for this version, the most notable of which are focused around the Entertain daily task. As of now:
- Each point in Open Mind now adds +$1 to the day’s tips to a max for 20 points, on top of each outcome’s range of gains for the day. This is up form +$1 for every 2 points, making it x2 an effective bonus, as well as making each and every point upgrade in a girl’s Open Mind worth something at last. Stress Point reduction is untouched a -1 Stress for each other working girl per 4 points of Open Mind.
- The ranges of Stress Relief for Entertain outcomes for both Reactive Fails (Defending a non-existent trap) and for Sal’s Trap hits have both been reduced to better balance their effects as they were too liberal compared to Good Outcomes.
⦁ We’ve updated the previous version’s headline scene “Let’s Make a Deal” (Sal’s Scene #9) with improved texts, both to fix typos and improve some elements of phrasing and description. All-in-all we’ve updated several dozen nodes in part or fully for a better scene. Thanks to Zhuang Zi Hu Die for the help with this.
⦁ We’ve fixed a small but slightly annoying issue in the Day Planner where the button label was too short on some screen sizes, making the text wrap the last letter below the button itself. This small touch should better reflect a more professional product now. Please let us know if it persists, won’t you? Thanks to Art for reporting this!
⦁ As always, we’ve taken more passes on scenes to update and fix typos sent in by players. We’ve fixed anther scene or two of mismatched portraits for Noe’s tank top vs bolero in the early game. Thanks for the notice to a number guys and gals!

Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth [v.0.18] (2022/ENG)

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