Meet'N'Fuck(Full Version)

Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG)

Вы - тренер рабынь, живущий в мечтах о величии и признании. Развивайте свое ремесло, покупая или отбирая рабынь, приложите усилия дабы укротить их и превратить в настоящих, желанных искусительниц, чтобы в последствии заработать на них не малые деньги у клиентов с особыми требованиями... Станьте почётным членом Гильдии и добейтесь настоящего величия!

Год выхода: 2021-01-20
Жанр: 2dcg, anal sex, bdsm, big tits, bukkake, fantasy, footjob, graphic violence, horror, loli, management, monster, oral sex, pregnancy, scat, sex toys, simulator, slave, tentacles, titfuck, trainer, turn based, combat, urination, vaginal sex
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Old Huntsman (Qwertyu12359 & Powerairmax)
Издательство: Old Huntsman (Qwertyu12359 & Powerairmax)
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Версия: v.2.2
Язык игры: Английский
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется
Размер: 2.29 GB

Системные требования:
- Операционная система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
- HDD: 6 GB

Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG)
Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG) Валет Плетей / Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.2] (2021/ENG)

- Remove the plants from the UI backgrounds which were going over the text.
- Game over screen, compared to just a blank window and a message pop-up.
- Slave requirement from the theater is easier and more unique.
- The loan from the moneylender now lasts longer.
- The butcher was giving too much money compared to what the slave was costing in the auction.
- Make some sexual acts and punishments work towards increasing the slaver’s strength stat.
- Fix neoplasty (in 2.1, we made it available infinitely, but the code was not cleaned up and it posed some problems, so we reverted it).
- Transparent stats changes now fit the descriptions better. For example, if the slave promises to be good after a public toilet shaming punishment, it gives a psychological rape effect along with obedience gains.
- Calorie system overhaul (after a lot of research, it now works a lot closer than real life).
- The slaver and the assistant can fill the role of the nutritionist.
- Rank indicator hidden from the auction unless equipping the raven crown.
- Black lines are now mostly fixed.
- Slaver stats now take more time to raise (Mage skills could be brought from F- to S+ in around 30 days. Now in a normal playthrough it’s closer to 300).
- Fast travel now costs energy, unless you are fast travelling to where you already are.
- Lossless picture compression (gaining nearly 1Gb of space without quality loss).
- Added mood to the slave and assistant stats screens so you can see immediately the effects of changing their equipment.
- Clothes are now soul-bound, like how they were in 1.7.5… but with some lore explication.
- “Fuck assistant” shortcut has been added.
- Master automatic house-cleaning when no one else does now happens in code before bathing, matching the end of day events sequence and avoiding the master waking up dirty the next day (assuming bathing is possible)
- Slaves with high temperament, spoiled slaves, or slaves owned by a master with a higher standard of living... they will have higher expectations for the value of promised gifts. So if the gift given after the most recent promise does not meet expectations, the next "promise a gift" interaction will be less effective
- Rest for an hour and rest until evening accelerate healing of bruises / blunt trauma
- Awareness gains from rewards are now proportional to slave intellect and the tier of reward, whichever is less
- Rebalanced mood/spoil gain from rest-type and gift-type rewards
- Perfume moved to reward tier 4 and price raised from 5 to 20 sparks.
- Mini pony reward can be given only once per slave - the condition for greying out the menu button was checking the wrong variable.
- Adjustments of the texts pop-up for broken rules.
- Added the torture outcome add-on texts to the psychological pressure, presentation of torture device, and demonstration of torture (on prisoner) categories of punishments.
- Milk the fiend rule also needs to check for obedience
- Wash master rule also needs to check for obedience
- Compassion xp should only increase from observing torture of a prisoner if slave sensitivity is at least B+ (sensitive), as an insensitive or callous or heartless slave is not moved by the pain of others
- Limit which traits can be developed through experience to replace existing traits
- Make act as maid / act as cook use the same obedience/refusal thresholds as if you ordered the actions independently.
- When psy status is depressive or lachrymose, angst increases nightly by 1 + sensitivity level instead of a flat 3.
- Fixed assistant getting dirty twice as fast as other characters.
- Fix Assistant nursing skill contributing to energy recovery of wounded slaves/master even when the assistant is unconscious. + Make farmhand nursing skill useful for livestock in the barn. Also make sure assistant is conscious before applying her nursing skill as healing bonus for bruises and wounds
- Lactation drains 1 energy at end of day, instead of 2 energy.
- Fixed act as maid / master cleans at F- skill to have an effect equivalent to half of D- skill, instead of no effect and just using energy.
- Fixed a double energy refund for energy "unspent" at the end of the day.
- Slave and assistant will get dirty from cleaning a dirty house (but slave will bathe afterwards if they have spare energy, and assistant will bathe too if dirty enough).
- Chance for slave to attack master overnight is based on aura supremacy and slave's gladiatrix skill, instead of just stamina and gladiatrix skill of slave vs. strength and fighter skill of master (with a small bonus for kid master vs. loli).
- Angst/despair nightly reduction when slave mood is positive is increased by how positive the mood is.
- Promise reward will be fulfilled by any tier of reward from any category other than moral encouragement.
- Promise gift will be fulfilled by any tier of reward from make a gift and sweet treat categories.
- Bug in the torture trait resistance code, it was checking slave_state = state_exist instead of slave_exist.
- Clicking on the mood stat leads to the diary instead of giving a pop-up. So the player can see what causes the stat to go up and down.
- Being able to give lessons even after S+ level is achieved (like it was the case for fitness lessons but only that).
- Magic spell overhaul (how much time it takes to develop magical powers from nothing, their effects and requirements, etc.)
- Better tooltip (now present tiers for gifts, as well as for torture)
- Obedience requirement complete overhaul. Now it’s based on the slave’s stats and psyche; an intelligent slave with strong temperament is more likely to accept gladiatrix training when she hates you than to accept to sit and learn about magic. A slave who is dumb and haughty will hate doing chores and thinks she deserves better, while a dumb slave will prefer simple tasks over medical lessons. The obedience requirement for sexual acts is also completely remade to better translate what it would take for real life women to accept doing each and every act present in the game.
- Diligence system. Guilt and Merit complete overhaul (now based on whether or not the slave should expect something from her master, instead of mostly random).
- The Outcasts habitants now require D+ slaves too.
- Slave general rank requirement is now higher in the boutique to avoid infinite farming of D+ slaves.
- Charm check is dependent on the general rank requirement; a client that wants a D+ slave won’t ask for a slave with C+ charm like before.
- Health check is easier to pass.
- Change description of accessories to better hint at their stat bonuses.
- Previews for clothes, accessory and weapons before equipping.
- New images for clothes and weapons to suits the descriptions and the fantasy setting.
- General changes to the cost and behavior of gifts as well as clothes in the boutique.
- The headband no longer improve mood. Its remaining function is to substitute for a haircut for style purposes, and to be given as an inexpensive gift.
- Rule system adjusted with hints and new order as well as names.
- The Bull Ring now divides action cost by two instead of giving infinite energy.
- Change energy stars appearance and behavior (now some actions take half-energy).
- Main menu hange (difficulty modes, merge of Sandbox and Custom, title changes, number of points, difficulty label of each character, original names restored, etc.)
- Edit the name of nearly every attribute.
- Make hidden NPC reappear.
- Add a (very conditional) random event.
- Add generic pictures for humiliation and self-torture lessons (6 pictures). Change their descriptions.
- Separate seduction from exhibitionism, visually (~100 pictures).
- Replacement of the soundtrack with lossless versions of the songs.
- Normalize the loudness of the music and the sfx to around -23 LUFS (television standard).
- Color scheme overhaul (for stats levels, text, etc.).
- Bug fix: “virgin” trait would not appear.
- Bug fix: switching a good assistant to a slave position would grant a mood bonus.
- Information pop-up for rules.
- Update the "Release_notes_message".
- Remove the “lessons” sub-menu. Instead, make a shortcut to the main lesson menu.
- Put the money needed for "Tutor" (15$) and "School" (10$) in the tabs of the lesson menu.
- Bug fix: music lessons tooltip. Would read: “slave has mastered this instrument” for grayed out options.
- Implement the “improve saving time” patch.
- Bug Fix: Felicity was bugging in the no-loli version.
- Make the sex options all aligned, even the unavailable ones.
- Bug Fix: Cloth buying wouldn’t show images.
- Isabella description of her physique wasn’t matching her stats.
- Bug Fix: “?” blue square was showing for Isabella, and for day ending.
- Make Wilhelmine available at the Smuggler's Rendezvous (loli version).
- Bug Fix: pop-up in the slaver stat menu would give irrelevant information (on how to improve slave rank).
- Debloat the UI by removing the “?” info squares.
- Make an additional menu for slaves to be given rules when outside of home. Clicking on the Slaver’s face now doesn’t bring us back home instantly either.
- Bug Fix: wearing armor wouldn’t matter in terms of received damage.
- Change bath/cooking/reward icons.
- New option: disable NSFW sounds.
- Around 10 new sound effects. (one for each spell. One for giving a bag of money, the other for coins falling. One for the fog ambiance, the other for the night. One for dinner, the other for leaving the house).
- Bug fix: “instant buy” button was too low in the Slave Market.
- Bug fix: the vertical semi-transparent black bars of the rule menus weren’t large enough.
- Dynamic city music system: the music changes depending on your position in the social hierarchy (3 tracks).
- Bug fix: “Scruffy” cleanliness level was B+ for the slave, but F- for the slaver.
- Bug fix: display bugs with alternative UIs (shift of the icons "speak" and "influence", disappearance of the "options" button on the top right of the screen).
- Bug fix: typos in the name of the files (“necro-gothi-kitchenc”, “Vaitcan”, “Paizuri”, etc.).
- Fix many typos, grammar, orthograph, syntax...
- Bug fix: In the slum, hovering "take a bath" would state: "you're clean enough", instead of "you have no bath".
- Place the Moneylender inside the Slums.
- Bug fix: when going outside from the slums house, the game would teleport us to the Gate.
- Bug fix: menu alignment inconsistency.
- Remove UI bloat: “key: ?”.
- In the slums, the assistant page for rules was completely blank. Now there are red crosses.
- Remove useless “testing” folder in the game directory.
- Picture loading system overhaul (now, no need for additional tools to add new sex_scenes or other pictures).
- Rollback to showing the kitchen and bedroom instead of “show_food” and “night” pictures.
- Bug fix: “slave_name, brew a potion” even when there are no slaves at home.
- Bug fix: if a gift was previously owned, it would still cost money to give to the slave.
- Add an option to put the slave to cryo when getting rescued from the fogs.
- Bug fix: Broken interior choices for Outcast boudoir.
- Re-implement random skills when getting a new slave.
- Bug fix: fiend cum and fiend tattoo had weird interactions, for a prisoner.
- Homogeneity of the terms (“servant” was the same thing as “maid”).
- Remove useless pet taming lessons.
- Bug fix: “Special Technique” sub-menu in the Colloseum would overlap with the text.
- Bug fix: Gangbang with the guild would give a buggy description.
- Remake the trophy room.
- Put all slave faces into golden frames (colored, sepia and black) like it used to be. Put all slaver faces into golden frames too.
- Revert back to original guard_palace pictures.
- Find high-resolution versions of the kitchen pictures, and switch the Necropolis one with the Serpentine one. Replace duplicate alchemy lab picture.
- Change a few slave full bodies and faces (with pictures from old versions).
- Add 1299 new normal scenes (Cleaning, Cooking, Dancing, etc.).
- Change to Serpentine interior (now fits with the Real Estate agent descriptions; no windows, made of steel, good aeration, spacious bedroom).
- Change Necropolis exterior (now fits with the Real Estate agent descriptions; almost as good to live in as White Town).
- Change White Town visual presentation of its streets by Gloria (now it’s fancier and richer, more imaginative).
- Clothes bar indicator, and equipment shortcut.
- New Theater picture. More Gothic, since it’s in the Necropolis.
- No-loli version of the tattoo artist background.
- Bug fix: some pictures were still censored (Avek Plesir, Steel Rose’s anal pear, some sex acts…).
- Fiend growing pictures instead of description only.
- Bug fix: mini-icons weren’t adequate.
- Bug fix: missing line break between refined and elegant.
- Bug fix: Ariamus was saying “bro” instead of “sir”.
- Bug fix: tooltip for the spell would give obsolete requirements.
- Bug fix: Avek Plesir NPC was called Avec Plaisir elsewhere.
- Calorie counter visible on the main screen.
- Make neoplasty be applicable several times per slaves.
- Bug fix: some rules and its effects (behave: alarm didn’t give an orgasm or additional mood)
- Make a new level for sex excitation; malus if not have had an orgasm in 3 days with max excitation lvl. (unless wearing the Chimera Gem).
- Bug fix: “Leave House” menu even though there was already a big button for it.
- Improve the cheat menu (before, there were a possible game over from that, weird reactions to clicking, etc.).
- Cow farm overhaul.

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